Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pauline Patten (nee Garza)

Pauline Garza was Eliza's mother. She was born in 1873 in San Antonio, Texas to a Mexican named Antonio Garza, and a negro slave named Eliza Lewis.
I believe the first photo is also of Pauline Garza, but my cousin
claims that the photo is of Pauline's father, Antonio Garza!!

Pauline had one sister that I know of, Arnetta Jones. In 1900, she married Mason Barnett Patten. They had four children: Thelma, M.B., Donovan and Eliza.

She was a school teacher. Although a few African Americans received a public education in the late nineteenth century, many taught their children at home.

Pauline's children attended a public school. This is a photograph of my grandmother's class.
Eliza Patten's class. My grandmother is in second row, second kid from left

 This is another picture of Pauline taken in the backyard at the Ruthven House.

Pauline died in 1930 at age 58.