Friday, August 15, 2008

Eliza was the youngest

Eliza was the baby of the family. Her siblings were Thelma, the oldest; Mason Barnett or M.B., (on right) named after his father; and Donovan (on left).

Before my grandmother was born, the following portrait of the Patten kids was taken. Thelma is holding M.B. who is staddling the chair. Donovan is seated in the chair. Unfortunately, I do not know which professional studio took this picture.

This following picture, apparently taken during the winter because they are wearing coats and hats, was also of the Patten kids.

That picture of the Patten Kids is a real picture postcard. On the back, it was postmarked February 19, 1913, and addressed to Arnette Jones who was the sister of Pauline Garza, their mother. Arnetta is living in Nogales, Arizona. The post card warns her to be prepared to run "when the U.S. Intervenes. Because there will be war along the border." At the time, Victoriano Huerta is about to overthrow, in a violent coup, the Mexican regime of President Madero. History will show that the U.S. declined to intervene, and on February 20, 1913, Huerta formally became the (then) President of Mexico.

Arnetta Jone's granddaughter, Rachel, will eventually marry Jackie Robinson, the famous baseball player who broke the color line in the the sport.