Friday, June 19, 2009

"Cornelia Bellinger Chiles" meet Photo Investigator

Who is this woman?

I have a ton of family photos. The problem is that many of them are not marked as to identification. Some of them offer clues as to who they maybe. For example, if a photograph has a printed post card back, it is known that the first photographic postcards were introduced around 1900. Thus any photo with such a back must have been taken after 1900. Unfortunately, this one does not have a back. In fact it is a photograph of two different photographs of what appears to me to be the same person taken about 20 years or more apart. I have blended the two pictures together to see if the features sort of match. Since the photos were not the same size, they sort of line up. Oh well.

Potential Photographs of Charlotte

Although I might be able to match an earlier photograph, the earliest photo of the same person, in my opinion, is here:

Any one paying attention might notice that I have previously identified this picture was being one of Cornelia Chiles Washington. I was told that was the case, but after careful consideration, I have decided that is NOT the case.

Another is here:

The next photograph is here:

What I believe to be the latest version is here:

In my next post, I will discuss my clues and why I believe these are pictures of Charlotte Bellinger Chiles. More to be revealled!